How To Help

Go Ahead, Raise Your Hand to Help

The Cape Cod International Red Cross needs you. We’re a volunteer organization that depends on the goodwill of people like you to make a difference for the community. Come and join a team that makes a real difference every day for the community. Call us at 212-5025 or visit our feedback page to e-mail us.

We need volunteers immediately for these areas:

  • Administrative services (receptionist and clinical)

Other volunteer jobs available:

  • Emergency Assistance Volunteers
  • Emergency Mass Care
  • Disaster Volunteers
  • Fund Raising Volunteers
  • Motor Service Drivers

We are also looking for volunteer instructors in the following areas:

  • Community CPR
  • Water Safety
  • Lifeguarding
  • Standard First Aid
  • Health and Safety

Probably, for as long as you can remember, The International Red Cross has been a symbol of hope in emergencies…

  • providing food and shelter, clothing and other forms of relief to help families get back on their feet after a disaster…
  • teaching first aid, CPR, water safety, and HIV/AIDS education…
  • communicating urgent messages between families and men and women serving in the Armed forces…

In a changing world, the helping hand of the International Red Cross takes many different forms. But they all require support from people like you. For more information on how you can help, call 212-5025 or visit our feedback page to e-mail us.